Vertical bath

It is funny but the shower is something like a vertical /standing/ bath. In real estate photography we deliver almost only landscape orientated photos but this bathroom had to be shot vertically. I liked it as it is.

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Up above

One of my really best friend used to walk eyes up on the sky many times in the towns. I asked him what the hell was he looking at. – Have you ever watched the roofs of the houses? Architects spend a lot of time to make It nice, we just never look up so high. It is the same for the ceilings of interiors in many cases. This is the ceiling of the Tenerife Northern airport check-in area.

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bee on a flower

Allright, it has nothing to do with real estates but I was so amazed when getting home I looked at the photo. I did not see the ant on the flower when I took the shot.

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