Sun is killing

Terrace balcony photo in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is a huge shaded sofa on a roof terrace in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The whole property was really amazing but when we got to the rooftop to make photos of it, I started sweating like a horse on the day of the derby. but the efforts of making photos naked due to the killing heat over there (not true of course), I loved to work there as well. Just a tip – don’t be afraid of the heat of the sun. Shoot when it is the best time to shoot and learn how to be able to handle it in post processing or i the field with bracketed shots.

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just a small vision to the swimming pool from the balcony in Las Americas Tenerife

Isn’t it great to have opportunity to lay back and listen the kids playing in the swimming pool? This place was a very nice apartment just right in Playa de Fanabe on Tenerife. A beautiful complex which  helps relax when you are on holiday.

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Ready for the guests

design real estate photo

We are ready for the guests! 🙂 Towels and beds are waiting the holiday-enjoyers. In vacation rental photography it is commonly used to prepare the properties for the shooting as the guests would be there already. Why do we do it? It gives an extra feeling how it would / will feel when you will be there in the villa/apartment. We always suggest to remove any personal belonging before shooting a property. For vacation rental better using towels, table setup for dinner, glass of wine with two glasses on the terrace, etc.

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Any closer? – thanks but NO

el medano terrace close to sea

Have you ever been to El Médano? It is a really great place to be. I captured this house in the really first line of the houses of El Médano. It is so close you could really jump into the sea from its balcony. I mean not just if you are a young and brave man but also if you just step off its balcony. Do you wanna be any closer to the ocean? I think no 🙂

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