You wouldn’t believe how tyring it is to make photos of real estates. Focusing on the very details, keeping on checking and removing any unwanted object, making everything neat and tidy on the scene – it is really a brain-breaking challange many times. Or you can decide, being lazy on this but yiu have to pay with ours in front of your monitor with Photoshop making things better at home.

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Sun is killing

Terrace balcony photo in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is a huge shaded sofa on a roof terrace in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The whole property was really amazing but when we got to the rooftop to make photos of it, I started sweating like a horse on the day of the derby. but the efforts of making photos naked due to the killing heat over there (not true of course), I loved to work there as well. Just a tip – don’t be afraid of the heat of the sun. Shoot when it is the best time to shoot and learn how to be able to handle it in post processing or i the field with bracketed shots.

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